Wipe me out, please

Éric Piccoli

Canada | V.O. French | 2021 | 56 min | color | Fiction

Montreal, Quebec. An apartment building. Three rough childhoods collide. Mélissa, Eddy and Karine live in the same building and from a young age, they have to deal with an environment that crushes grown-ups. The hooker's corner, the violent neighbourhood, parents' debauchery parties, bad company, stealing to survive: for them, all this is quite normal, it's their life. Are their parents to blame? Or do they love the best they can? Are we all condemned to repeat what we have experienced?

Director Éric Piccoli
Music Joseph Marchand
Cinematographer Philippe St-Gelais
Screenplay Florence Lafond, Éric Piccoli
Cast Malik Gervais-Aubourg, Schelby Jean-Baptiste, Anglesh Marjor, Charlee-Ann Paul, Julie Perreault, Sarah-Maxine Racicot, Jean-Nicolas Verreault
Artistic director Fanny Gauthier
Production Babel Films
Distribution Babel Films


Éric Piccoli

Cofounder of Babel films, Eric Piccoli, is an award-winning director, writer and producer known for "Time out," "Project-M" and "Public writer.". On the documentary side, he made the cinematography of the film event "Les Rose" and co-directed the film "Yes" with Félix Rose which was shot during the Scottish referendum and followed Samuel Bergeron and the visual artist Simon Beaudry in his quest. He also directed "Illegal cannabis" which tells the unknown story of the black cannabis market. After the success of this film, he is currently already working on the second season of the series "Wipe me out, please" and on a first feature film titled "Le Train du Nord."
Piccoli provides a down-to-earth, social, and humanist cinema. He often addresses the need for empathy and openness to better understand others. He’s interested in the prison that our social class is becoming and the forgotten voice of the voiceless.