Since we are not able to do the usual formula, our traditional brunch-conference goes online, a free activity that is accessible to the whole population.

Thereby, on Sunday, November 1st, at 11:30 AM, the host, Martin Guérin will have the honour to welcome M. Robert Lepage. As a multidisciplinary artist, Robert Lepage performs with equal mastering of his professions; stage director, dramatist, actor and director. His theatrical creative and original approach gave him international renown, as well as having rattled the foundations of classic stage directing, notably with the use of new technologies.

Among his most remarkable realizations, we can find: La Trilogie des dragons (1985), Les Aiguilles et l’opium (1991), La Face cachée de la Lune (2000), Le Projet Andersen (2005), Lipsynch (2007), son solo 887 (2015), Coriolan (2018), and a new stage setting for Les Sept branches de la rivière Ota (2019); his multimedia creations Le Moulin à images (2008) and La Bibliothèque, la nuit (2015); the opera, La Damnation de Faust (1999), Le Rossignol et autres fables (2009), Der Ring des Nibelungen de Wagner (2010) and L’Amour de loin (2015).

The host, Martin Guérin, also a college professor of cinema and director, is eager for this meeting. « I am excited and impressed to the idea of meeting this Quebec genius, for whom I have a limitless admiration », confesses M. Guérin.

The interview will be broadcasted simultaneously on the Facebook pages of Radio-Canada Ici Abitibi-Témiscamingue, of Radio-Canada Arts and of Festival du cinéma international en Abitibi-Témiscamingue and will be available for later rewatch. Get ready for a great brunch, this Sunday, and join us for this exceptional encounter!


In this year turned upside-down by the pandemic, very few cinematographers will get the pleasure of seeing their films presented indoors and receive the audience’s welcome. Thereby, even if less numerous than previous years, some artists are still here to introduce their pictures them-selves to our passionate audience.

Here is the list of the distinguished guests who will be among us this year: Benoit Pilon, Sébastien Ricard, Émilie Bibeau, Arnaud Vachon (Le club Vinland), Martin Villeneuve (Imelda 3 : Simone and Imelda 2 : Le notaire), Ginette Reno (Imelda 3 : Simone), Robert Lepage (Imelda 2 : Le notaire), Philippe Falardeau (My Salinger year), Maxime Genois, Félix Poirier (Tranche de nuit), Claude Gagnon, Paul Doucet, Yuriko Yoshimura, Samuel Gagnon, Bahija Essoussi, Samuel PagéLemay (Les vieux chums), Sarah Baril Gaudet, Gabrielle Goupil, Audrey Fallu (Passage), Geneviève et Matthieu (L’Opéra d’or), Yves Langlois (Raôul Duguay : par-delà la Bittt à tibi), Mélanie Tardif, Jérémie Monderie-Larouche (Quand l’amour ne suffit pas), Irvin Blais, Guillaume Sylvestre (Irvin Blais : La voix du peuple), Philippe Arsenault (Un jour de fête), Raphaël Beaumier-Dionne, Nathan Gilbert (Temps mort), Antoine Girard (L’apocalypse confortable) et Rachelle Roy (Danser sous la pluie).

Since they are travelling for work, the guests of the Festival have the authorization the make an interregional move. Of course, the welcoming of the guests will follow the Public health instructions to the letter. So even when the guests will be in town, they will bring the instructions of their city of origin with them. It is why the meals and press meetings will happen directly at the hotel and they will use a different entrance to get in the Théâtre du cuivre. Even though hugs and interactions between the audience and the guests won’t take place as they usually do, the production teams will be in the screening room to feel the reactions of the spectators, a grand privilege considering how rare these events happened in 2020!


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Claudelle Rivard

Louis Dallaire

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