À tous ceux qui ne me lisent pas

Yan Giroux

Canada | V.O. French | 2018 | 100 min | DCP | color | Fiction | World Premiere

Devoting himself to poetry, Yves has packed his bags and dropped in on anyone who would welcome him all his life. The lives of Dyane and her studious teenaged son, Marc, are taken by storm when Yves enters their home and ends up in Dyane’s bed much to Marc’s dismay. However, the poet’s rebellious spirit is contagious and pushes Marc to think outside the box. Yves eventually becomes bogged down in this routine daily life and after one final attempt to make things work, realizes in the final analysis that his words no longer carry any meaning. This film is loosely based on the life and work of poet Yves Boisvert (1950-2012).

Director Yan Giroux
Cinematographer Ian Lagarde
Screenplay Guillaume Corbeil, Yan Giroux
Cast Céline Bonnier, Martin Dubreuil, Henry Picard
Production Micro_Scope
Distribution Les Films Séville