31 October - 13:30 - Théâtre du cuivre


Félix-Olivier Fiset

Canada/Quebec | V.O. French | ST English | 2022 | 27 min | DCP | color | Fiction

Emmanuelle, an animal photographer, will embark on the trail of a mysterious unlisted animal. Between the strange discoveries she will make in the forest and the feeling of being hunted, Emmanuelle will discover that the creature she is pursuing is nothing ordinary and never been seen.

Director Félix-Olivier Fiset
Music François Charette
Cinematographer Maxime Périgny
Screenplay Félix-Olivier Fiset, Clara Pasquier
Cast Luc Drolet, France Gaudreault, Hélène Théberge
Artistic director Clara Pasquier
Production Aube Studio
Distribution Aube Studio