Sylvie à l’école

Carole Laganière

Canada | V.O. French | ST French | 2018 | 45 min | Blu-ray | color | Documentary | Quebec Premiere

A presentation of Canal D
Sylvie Giroux teaches a select group of students. For the past 25 years, she has worked passionately and intensely building relationships with these autistic and Down’s syndrome youth who must learn to cope with dyspraxia, severe anxiety and intellectual challenges. Surrounded by a respectful, humorous and loving atmosphere, this documentary captures these sometimes serious, sometimes funny moments, where these young people succeed in developing their skills while gaining better self-esteem.

Director Carole Laganière
Music Luc Sicard
Cinematographer Carole Laganière
Screenplay Carole Laganière
Cast Sylvie Giroux
Production Michel Gauthier productions inc.
Distribution Canal D Bell Média