Le chant des mariées

Karin Albou

France/Tunisia | V.O. French/Arab/German | ST French | 2007 | 100 min | 35 mm | color | Fiction | North America Premiere

Two young girls who have been neighbors and friends since childhood, go through their first love experiences together. Myriam is engaged to Simon a doctor many years her senior. Nour loves Khaled, her cousin, which she would love to marry. One is Jewish, the other Muslim. The year is 1942, during the German occupation of Tunisia. The two young girls join together while everything tries to separate them.

Director Karin Albou
Camera Laurent Brunet
Screenplay Karin Albou
Cast Lizzie Brocheré, Simon Abkarian, Olympe Borval, Najib Oudghiri
Distribution Films Séville