Jason Brennan

Canada | V.O. French | 2021 | 85 min | color | Fiction | Quebec Premiere

Mathieu is a brilliant neurosurgeon whose professional and personal life are plummeting. Facing divorce, losing his job, and having a problem with substance abuse, his midlife crisis is causing quite a stir. On top of that, the sudden death of his father forces him to return home to Anishinabe territory, a place he has tried to avoid since childhood.
Despite this, Mathieu agrees to go and lay his father's ashes to rest in the heart of their ancestral territory and at the same time wishes to reconnect with his origins. The ride away from the city seems like a nice break until he realizes that he is now the prey of an evil creature known as the Wendigo. Mathieu's trip quickly turns into an unimaginable nightmare that will change him forever. Whether we like it or not, our sins always catch up with us.

Director Jason Brennan
Music Alain Auger
Cinematographer François Dutil
Screenplay Jason Brennan
Cast Véronique Beaudet, Jeanne Roux-Côté, Samuel (Samian) Tremblay, Sonia Vigneault
Artistic director Dominique Desrochers
Production Nish Media
Distribution 7th Screen


Jason Brennan

Jason Brennan is a member of the First Nations community of Kitigan Zibi. Born to an Algonquin father and a Quebecois mother, Brennan was fortunate to see the best of both worlds and heritages. His journey into the world of television production began in 2002 holding different production positions in Ottawa and Montreal. In 2004, he began directing and writing for Hockey Goals, a series featured on the Aboriginal People Television Network.
In 2006, Brennan founded Nish Media, a production company that would focus on showing positive stories and positive programming about Aboriginal Peoples. In the first few years, Nish Media would produce such television series as La piqure, The Journey, Pursuing the flame and Mouki for the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. In addition, Nish Media has collaborated with reputable Canadian broadcasters such as CBC, TV5, RDI, Historia, Canal D.
In 2012 Hit the Ice began its first season with Brennan as writer, director, and producer. The television series continues to draw audiences and just saw its 7th season go into production in 2018. Nish Media has been nominated for various awards and distinctions such as multiple Banff World Media Rockie Awards, A Gemini Award and Golden Sheaf Award at Yorkton as well as a Best Sports Program nomination at the World Sports Television and film Festival in Milan. In 2011, Nish Media won a Gemini Award for the film Last Call Indian.
In 2015, Nish Media produced and released its first feature film in Quebec theatres. The film “LE DEP”, written and directed by Sonia Bonspille Boileau, was made possible due to Telefilm Canada’s micro-budget program. The small film which was shot over a period of ten days and for a budget of $225,000 was selected in some of the world’s top film festivals such as the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, the Vancouver Film Festival, the Raindance Film Festival where it was selected as a best first feature nominee and the American Indian Film Festival where it was selected as one of the nominees for best feature film. Nish Media and Brennan produced a new feature film last year titled Rustic Oracle, which was presented at the VIFF festival and won a few awards (Leo Awards, WIDC...). Recently, Brennan decided to go back to directing with a new feature film: L'Inhumain. The movie is the first French-speaking indigenous genre film.