Ivan Goldschmidt

Belgium/Burundi | V.O. French | ST French | 2009 | 19 min | 35 mm | color | Fiction

1994 or thereabouts. There is a civil war in Burundi, the small African country immediately adjacent to Rwanda. A genocidal conflict opposes a rebellion driven by a majority of ethnic Hutus and a national army composed of a majority of ethnic Tutsis…

We are witnesses to one of those sadly frequent episodes in this fratricidal feud.: the attack by the rebels of a minibus transporting civil passengers.

A Kalashnikov bursts. The bus stops, the passengers get off. There follows the "selection" between the Hutus and the Tutsis. A line is drawn, the groups are separated, the questioning begins. But who is a Hutu, who is a Tutsi?

Entirely based on real characters, the film denounces – with emotion, veracity and a touch of wryness – the absurdity, of all ethnic conflicts.

"NA WEWE" means "You Too" in Kirundi

Director Ivan Goldschmidt
Cast Ismail Kaposho, Floris Kubwimana, Renaud Rutten
Production CUT ! sprl