Juan Antin

France | V.O. English | ST French | 2018 | 67 min | DCP | color | Animation | Canadian Premiere

Sixteenth Century. Tepulpaï and his best friend, Naïra, live happily in a village in the heart of the Andes. One day, while the villagers are celebrating Mother Earth Pachamama, a procession arrives at the village to collect taxes. The tax collector is furious: the amount collected is insufficient for the amount due. On behalf of Into, the Sun God, he decides to take the village’s sacred Huaca and offer it to Grand Inca. For Tepulpaï, it’s finally an opportunity to show what he is capable of. He secretly leaves the village in pursuit of the idol to save his people.

Director Juan Antin
Music Emmanuel Deletang
Cinematographer Carlos De Carvalho, Aurélie Raphaël
Screenplay Juan Antin, Nathalie Hertzberg, Patricia Valeix, Olivier De Bannes
Cast Andrea Santamaria, India Coenen
Production Kaibou production
Distribution Maison 4:3