The 41st program unveiled

48 premieres: 14 world, 7 North American, 17 Canadian and 10 Quebec

Rouyn-Noranda, Tuesday October 11, 2022

It’s finally time to announce the complete 41st Abitibi-Témiscamingue International Film Festival program. This year you will be able to enjoy 95 cinematographic productions, including 76 short and medium-length films (including 32 animated films), 17 feature films, as well as two short series. The film festival is always on the lookout for exclusives and firsts, and the 41st Festival will present no less than 29 award-winning films and an impressive total of 48 premieres: 14 world, 7 North American, 17 Canadian and 10 Quebec in its main program, including Espace court.



The opening film Tu te souviendras de moi, by Éric Tessier (Junior Majeur, 5150 rue des Ormes), starring Karelle Tremblay (Unité 9, La disparition des lucioles), France Castel (Les fleurs oubliées, Quand l’amour se creuse un trou), Julie Lebreton (Au revoir le bonheur, Quand l’amour se creuse un trou) and the incredible performance of Rémy Girardet (Les invasions barbares, Il pleuvait des oiseaux, Les Boys). Édouard (Rémy Girard), a retired history teacher, must learn to live with memory loss that is slowly taking hold of him. He is taken under the wing of Bérénice (Karelle Tremblay), his son-in-law’s daughter, when no one else can take care of him. He will share what remains of his memories with her, in the hope of anchoring himself in the present moment. We are delighted to welcome several members of the team to the screening of the film on October 29 at 5 p.m., including writer François Archambault, director Éric Tessier, actor Rémy Girard, and actress Karelle Tremblay. The film is produced by Christal Films and distributed by Les Films Opale.   



Le sixième enfant by Léopold Legrand (Agelika, Mort aux codes), produced by Epithète & Co and distributed by Axia Films, was highly awarded at the Festival du film francophone d’Angoulême in 2022, winning a double Best Actress award for Sara Giraudeau (Petit paysan, Et mon cœur transparent) and Judith Chemla, Best Music Award, Best Screenplay Award, as well as Audience Award.  Le sixième enfant tells the story of an unthinkable arrangement between a precarious family of five children with a sixth on the way and a couple, both of whom are lawyers, who can’t have children. We are pleased to welcome actor Damien Bonnard (Les misérables, En liberté) at the screening on Sunday, October 30 at 1:30 pm. 

Une belle course by Christian Carion 


In this new film by French director Christian Carion, who has already won the  Hydro-Québec Award award with his film Joyeux Noël, actress and singer Line Renaud (La maison du bonheur, Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis) reunites with her partner Dany Boon (Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis, La Ch’tite Famille) for a melancholic stroll through Greater Paris where reality and fiction merge. Madeleine (Line Renaud), 92 years old, calls a cab to go to the retirement home where she will now live. She asks Charles (Dany Boon), a slightly disillusioned driver, to drive by the places that mattered in her life, to see them one last time. Little by little, twisting through the streets of Paris, an extraordinary past emerges that unsettles Charles. The film received excellent reviews when it opened at the 2022 Festival du film francophone d’Angoulême 2022, and then at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival. The film, co-produced by Une Hirondelle Productions, Pathé, TF1 Films, Artémis Productions and Shelter Productions and distributed by AZ Films, will be presented on Monday, October 31 at 7:00 pm. 

Maestro(s) by Bruno Chiche 


The Canadian premiere of the French film Maestro(s) by director Bruno Chiche, will be screened on Wednesday evening, November 2, a film based on the Israeli film Footnote, written, and directed by Joseph Cedar. The Dumars are conductors both father and son: François, the patriarch, is finishing a long and brilliant international career, while Denis, the son, has just won yet another classical music award. When François learns that he has been chosen to direct La Scala, his ultimate dream, his Grail, he is overjoyed. Happy for his father and at the same time envious, Denis is surprised when he discovers that there has been a misunderstanding, and that it is in fact, he, who is expected in Milan… This film, produced by Vendôme Films and distributed by AZ Films, will be presented on Wednesday, November 2 at 7:00 pm.  

La Civil by Teodora Ana Mihai 


This film, winner of the Prix de l’audace in the “Un certain regard” section at Cannes 2021, will be presented on Thursday, November 3 at 9:30 a.m. In Teodora Ana Mihai’s La Civil, when her teenage daughter, Laura, is kidnapped in northern Mexico and the authorities offer no support, Cielo takes matters into her own hands and transforms from housewife to vengeful activist.  

Produced by Menuetto Film, One For The Road, Les Films du Fleuve, Mobra Films and Teorema, the film features a captivating performance by Mexican actress Arcelia Ramirez (Such is life). This first feature film for the director has had a long journey from Tokyo to Hamburg, through Cannes, not to mention Rouyn-Noranda!  

Boy From Heaven by Tarik  Saleh 


Premiering in Quebec on October 31 at 9:30 a.m., Boy From Heaven, by filmmaker Tarik Saleh, won  Screenplay Award at Cannes 2022. 

The film features Adam, a fisherman’s son who is offered the privilege of studying at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, the epicenter of Sunni power. Shortly after his arrival, the Grand Imam, the university’s highest religious leader, dies suddenly. Adam becomes a pawn in a power struggle between Egyptian religious and political elites. 

Les pires by Lise Akoka and Romane Guéret 


The icing on the cake of this beautiful week will be the closing night film Les pires, a film shortlisted for the 2023 Oscars, by Lise Akoka (Chasse royale, Tu préfères) and Romane Guéret (Chasse royale, Tu préfères). This film, produced by Velvet Films and distributed by FunFilm Distribution, is the recipient of the Valois de diamant du meilleur film award at the 2022 Angoulême Film Festival and the Grand Prix Un Certain Regard at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. This film, which required a long immersion on the part of the directors, as well as meeting with hundreds of children, features a film shoot in Boulogne-sur-Mer, in the north of France. During the casting, four teenagers, Lily, Ryan, Maylis and Jessy are chosen to play in the film. Everyone in the neighbourhood is surprised: why did they only take “the worst”? Actress Esther Archambault will be with us for the screening on November 3 at 7 p.m.  

Pour nous chez nous by Dominic Leclerc 


We are delighted to present the world premiere of the latest film by Rouynorandian filmmaker Dominic Leclerc, winner of the Hydro-Québec 2019 Award for his feature film Les Chiens-Loups. His new documentary Pour nous chez nous, produced by Productions Lustitia, will be presented at a free screening on Saturday afternoon, October 2 This documentary rekindles the debate over Quebec autonomy by attempting to bring the crucial issue of territorial and energy sovereignty into the open through concrete examples and powerful testimonies. The screening will be followed by a discussion with the film crew.  

En Attendant Raif by LUC CÔTÉ and Patricio Henriquez


After their first collaboration on the documentary Vous n’aimez pas la vérité – 4 jours à Guantánamo, Luc Côté and Patricio Henriquez present the more than poignant and highly anticipated world premiere of En attendant Raïf. A tragic tale of a family shattered by the relentlessness of the Saudi monarchy, En attendant Raif follows Ensaf Haidar’s inspiring eight-year struggle to free her husband, the notorious prisoner of conscience, Raif Badawi. The film takes a fresh and moving look at the personal and political implications of the case and provides an inside look at the ordeal of this refugee mother of three, both in Quebec, her adopted home, and on the international stage. Co-produced by Macumba Media and the NFB, the film will be presented on Sunday, October 30 at 7:00 pm. The film will be followed by a discussion with the public and Raif Badawi’s family, his wife Ensaf Haidar, as well as his children, will be present for the occasion, accompanied by the two directors!  

Au lieu de prendre mon char BY Jean-François Perron


On Saturday, October 29, during the free 1 p.m. screening, the documentary Au lieu de prendre mon char, by director Jean-François Perron, will be presented. The film features Guillaume Rivest, an adventurer and radio columnist, who travelled the 680 km between Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Montreal on cross-country skis during the winter of 2022. All this in order to deliver a report to Radio-Canada once he arrived at his destination. The film crew, accompanied by Guillaume Rivest, will be on hand for the screening.  

Rouyn Noranda by Jil Guyon 


An experimental film produced as part of the Festival Cinédanse 2022 in Rouyn-Noranda with Temiscabitian filmmaker Béatriz Mediavilla and her mother Marta Saenz de la Calzada, Rouyn Noranda features a nameless woman drifting through industrial lands. The desolation of her inner world is reflected and witnessed by the territory she must travel. Avoiding a traditional narrative, the film follows the protagonist through a series of shots evoking a landscape as beautiful as it is terrifying. The film will be presented on November 1st in the afternoon 

Le bonheur by Ana Maria Rivas Rojas 


Ana Maria Rivas Rojas, a 16-year-old student at Iberville High School in Rouyn-Noranda, asks the following questions in her first film Le bonheur. What is happiness? Do we really know what this word, this reality, this state, this utopia means? How does it affect your life and, above all, how do you conceive it? This documentary that will be screened on November 3 at 1:30 p.m., freely demystifies what happiness is through the reflections of the director, her entourage, and experts.  

Mistral spatial by Marc-Antoine Lemire 


The Quebec feature film Mistral spatial, to be presented on October 31st in the afternoon by Marc-Antoine Lemire, director of the short film Pré-Drink, presented at the Festival in 2018 and winner of the Best Canadian Short Film at TIFF in 2017, joins the list of world premieres in our 41st programming. The film, produced by Les films de la méduse and distributed by H264 Distribution, blends drama, comedy, and science fiction, all presented in a film that stands out for its mixtures in aesthetics. On the night of his breakup with Cath (Catherine-Audrey Lachapelle), Sam (Samuel Brassard) is the victim of an inexplicable phenomenon when he loses consciousness. When he wakes up a few hours later, he tries to understand. Could his heartbreak be related to the hypothesis of an extraterrestrial abduction?  

In his first feature film, director Marc-Antoine Lemire has created a film about loneliness, heartbreak, and questioning, all mixed with a touch of fantasy. A modern and original cinematic vision. A director whose career looks promising! The film will be screened in the presence of the film’s crew: director Marc-Antoine Lemire, actresses Catherine-Audrey Lachapelle (District 31), Véronique Lafleur (Like-moi!) as well as actors Samuel Brassard (Les mecs, Discussion avec mes parents) and Alex Trahan (Un doute raisonnable 2), on October 31st at 1:30 pm.  

Les 12 travaux d’Imelda by Martin Villeneuve 


In Les 12 travaux d’Imelda, director Martin Villeneuve (Mars et Avril, Imelda) presents a larger-than-life character inspired by his own paternal grandmother. A resident of Gentilly, where she works to get her own way and control her family, this notary’s widow says she is not at peace and has things to take care of before she turns 100. Through 12 scenes marking her last years, Imelda faces a series of trials that will make her explore the bonds that unite a family.  

This comedy-drama by Martin Villeneuve (who plays the title role!) is worth seeing, as much for its script as for its impressive cast of actors. Les 12 travaux d’Imelda, produced by Imelda Inc. and distributed by Maison 4:3, is a 90-minute feature film that tells the story of the last 12 years of the life of the centenarian, who passed away in 2012. The Festival is very pleased to invite its festivalgoers to attend the screening of the film with director Martin Villeneuve, as well as actors Antoine Bertrand (Aurevoir le bonheur, Louis Cyr, l’homme le plus fort du monde) and Marc-François Blondin (Gerry), on Tuesday, November 1st at 1:30 p.m.  

Chien blanc by Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette 


Chien blanc, an adaptation of Romain Gary’s 1969 novel of the same name, is a Quebec feature film produced by Nicole Robert of Go Films and directed by the filmmaker behind Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette’s hit film La déesse des mouches à feu. The film is set in 1968, in the United States which is on the verge of implosion: Martin Luther King has been assassinated and racial hatred has plunged the country into violence. Writer Romain Gary, who lives in Los Angeles with his wife, actress Jean Seberg, takes in a stray dog who quickly finds his place in the house and with their son, Diego. He is affectionate with everyone except black people. Chien blanc is a dog specially trained to hunt black protesters. For Seberg, keeping the dog is unthinkable, but for Gary, putting him down is out of the question. He places him in a kennel where Keys, a black trainer, takes charge of reforming the animal. Starring French actor Denis Ménochet (Grâce à Dieu) as Romain Gary and British Columbian Kacey Rohl (Hannibal) as Jean Seberg. It will be presented on Thursday, November 3 at 1:30 pm.   


Le Pharaon, le Sauvage et la Princesse by Michel Ocelot  


Presented in its North American premiere in collaboration with le Festival international du film pour enfants de Montréal (FIFEM), director Michel Ocelot’s new animated film, Le Pharaon, le sauvage et la Princesse, will take you on a journey through three tales filled with splendid gods, revolting tyrants, cheerful vigilantes, cunning lovers, and dashing princes and princesses, all in an explosion of colour. A wonderful film for all ages, presented in its North American premiere at the famous and delicious ciné-muffin, on Sunday, October 30 at 9 a.m. at the Théâtre du cuivre. Produced by Nord-Ouest Films, Studio O, Les Productions Ch’timi, le musée du Louvre, and distributed by Axia Films, it received a standing ovation at its world premiere at the Festival d’Annecy 2022, in addition to winning the Cristal d’Or Award! This film is sure to please the entire family!  

The International Film Festival in Abitibi-Témiscamingue has presented many of the French filmmaker’s works in recent years: Dilili à Paris (2018), Azur et Asmar (2006) Kirikou et la sorcière (1999). The latter two won the Audience Award for best animated film. 

Zaï zaï zaï zaï by François Desagnat 


Zaï zaï zaï zaï is an adaptation of Fabcaro’s famous French comic strip by filmmaker François Desagnat (Les onze commandements, 15 ans et demi), who will be attending the Festival to present his film on Sunday, October 30 at 1:30 pm. In this comedy you will have the pleasure of meeting the character Fabrice, a comedy actor who, after realizing that he didn’t have his loyalty card while shopping, embarks on a merciless run and quickly becomes public enemy number one. While the media gets hold of the case and the country is in turmoil, the fugitive, torn between remorse and existential questions, finds an unexpected place to crash somewhere in Lozere. The film, produced by 24 25 Films and distributed by K-Films Amérique, stars Jean-Paul Rouve (Monsieur Batignol, Podium, La Môme), Julie Depardieu (Un secret, La petite Lili), Ramzy Bedia (Balle perdue, Brutus vs César), Julie Gayet (Quai d’Orsay), and Yolande Moreau (Quand la mer monte, Séraphine).   

Juniper by Matthew J. Saville 


The Quebec premiere of the New Zealand film Juniper will take place on Tuesday, November 1st in the morning. A troubled teenager (George Ferrier) is kicked out of his boarding school. When he returns home, he finds that his grandmother (Charlotte Rampling), whom he doesn’t know, has moved in. At first, he is furious about her presence, but he soon discovers that she is a funny, rude, fearless, and flirtatious woman. In this unexpected new relationship, they learn from each other.  

Matthew J. Saville (Black Sheep, Dive, X) directs a film rich in emotion, in which Charlotte Rampling’s performance (Hannah, 45 years) is simply breathtaking, taking on a role in which she manages to show the delicacy of family relationships, and to bring out all the emotional complexity that comes with it. A film produced by Sandy Lane Productions and distributed by TVA Films.  

Couleurs de l’incendie by Clovis Cornillac 


This French film by Clovis Cornillac (C’est magnifique, Belle et Sébastien 3 : Le dernier chapitre), adapted from the novel of the same name by Pierre Lemaître and distributed by AZ Films, will have its Canadian premiere on Tuesday, November 1st at 7:00 pm. Stunning performances by actors Benoît Poelvoorde (La profession du père, Coco avant Chanel), Clovis Cornillac, Alice Isaaz (Les yeux jaunes des crocodiles) and Olivier Gourmet (Rosetta, Le fils) are expected!  

Co-written by Pierre Lemaître, Couleurs de l’incendie is the sequel to Au revoir là-haut, 2013 Goncourt award, also adapted to film. After the death of Marcel Péricourt, his daughter, Madeleine, must take over the financial empire of which she is the heiress. But she has a son, Paul, who, by an unexpected and tragic act, will place her on the path to ruin and decline. Faced with the adversity of men, the corruption of her environment and the ambition of her entourage, Madeleine will have to do everything possible to survive and rebuild her life. This task is all the more difficult in a France that watches helplessly as the first colours of fire ravage Europe. The film will be presented on Tuesday, November 1st at 7pm.   

Heartbeast by Aino Suni 


The Canadian premiere of Heartbeast by Finnish director Aino Suni (Turnaround, Wolf Carver), co-produced by Adastra Films, Oma Inge Film and Made and distributed by Kinology, will be held on Wednesday, November 2nd in the morning. A film about toxic relationships, presented in a duality between the two characters Elina and Sofia: one is a rapper, forced to leave her native country, Finland, when her mother decides to join her boyfriend on the French Riviera, and the other is a very charismatic ballerina who leads a double life of parties, boys, and drugs.  

The entire production is presented in a colour palette that perfectly supports the themes. Obviously, an importance is given to music in this film. This cinematographic approach is particularly supportive of the complex themes surrounding toxic relationships, through all the emotions that this can cause in a person. A very moving film, which is definitely worth seeing!  

Nowhere by Peter Monsaert


The new film by Belgian director Peter Monsaert (Le ciel flamand, Offline), produced by Production Lunanime and distributed by Lumière, will be presented on Wednesday, November 2nd at 1:30 pm. In this film, 55-year-old André (Koen De Bouw) has lost his daughter in an unsolved hit-and-run accident. His obsession with finding the person responsible has cost him his job and his marriage. One night, he surprises Thierry (Noa Tambwe-Kabati), a homeless teenager, breaking into his home. Touched by the story of this boy in search of an identity, he takes him under his wing. In this new feature film, Peter Monsaert examines the roles played by human beings, the connections between them, but also what separates and divides them. Actor Noa Tambwe-Kabati will be with us for the screening!  



In addition to presenting a wide variety of feature films, we have a great selection of short films to present to festivalgoers once again this year.  

We will present, among others, the film that won the Audience Award at Festival Regard 2022 Festival, Suzanne et Chantal by Rachel Graton, on our opening night. We will also present the world premiere of the film Digne, by director Mélanie Pilon, in which a woman records a birthday video for a friend and reveals secrets that will compromise their relationship. We will also present the German film Maries Kühlschrank, by Mohammad Ali Karimkhani, in which Marie, a young woman living alone, experiences a love story from the perspective of her refrigerator. Among our world premieres, we can also find many films directed or produced by local talents, including Brasser la cage by Colin Malgogne, Avorton de veau by Julie Dallaire, and Ravages by Maxime Dupuis. We will also present the short film Pas de fantôme à la morgue by director Marylin Cooke and Féministes fortes & furieuses by Kim St-Pierre. Both directors will be with us!   



Animation films are a major part of our programming each year. This year is no exception: a great program awaits festivalgoers for our 41st edition. The film Bottle Cap (Annecy 2022), by Marie Hyon, presents the story of a crab, whose life is changed when he comes across a bottle cap. Director Alexandra Myotte’s Pas de titre explores the relationship between the artist, her work, and her audience through the memories of a country journalist. Noah Erni’s The Invention of Less tells the story of a young polar bear who, in 2031, leaves her homeland destroyed by global warming and moves to Zurich. La Théorie Lauzon by Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre is an exploratory work about Jean-Claude Lauzon, the mythical and promising black sheep of Quebec cinema, a film that takes us on a psychoanalytical and rocky journey of the relationship between a father and his son. We will also present the film Canary (TIFF 2022) by directors Pierre-Hugues Dallaire and Benoit Thériault, which tells the story of a young boy who, in 1922, worked in the coal mines with his canary used to detect traces of methane in the air. The animated films in the main section, including Michel Ocelot’s feature film Le Pharaon, le sauvage et la princesse, will be eligible for the TVA Abitibi-Témiscamingue Animation Award. The winning film is chosen by an audience vote.  

In addition to the films presented in the main section, children in Abitibi-Témiscamingue will be able to enjoy a screening of animated shorts, chosen specifically for them, as part of the André-Melançon Youth Section. Among these 7 films from 5 countries are 3 films that were presented at the Festival international du film d’animation d’Annecy 2022: La soupe de Franzy by Ana Chubinidze, Cat and Moth by India Barnardo and La reine des renards by Marina Rosset. The 7 films presented in the André-Melançon Youth Section will be eligible for the Fonderie Horne Youth Award, which is awarded by a jury of children and their parents. These screenings will take place from October 31st to November 3rd at the Cinéma Paramount, for the children of the Centre de services scolaire de Rouyn-Noranda, and directly in the classrooms for the children in other surrounding cities.  



The Monday afternoon Relève Desjardins film section is a must event where the best student filmmakers from Cégep de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue and the Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue will present. This year, the films Toxique by Anahée Brousseau and Des souris, des fromages et un éléphant by François Gourde will represent the Cégep, while the films Animal by Félix-Olivier Fiset and A Lost Child by Max Spiegel will represent the university. One film per school will win the Desjardins Youth Award, and Desjardins will award a $500 bursary to each winner. This year, the Relève Desjardins jury is composed of Camille Barbotteau, Andréane Boulanger and Vincent L’Heureux.  



The Bell Media Award recognizes the work and creativity of directors of short and medium-length films. A jury of three film enthusiasts will award one of the 29 films in the running for this award, which comes with a $1,000 bursary. For the 41st edition of the Festival, the Bell Media Jury is composed of writer Antoine Charbonneau-Demers, filmmaker Jessica Gélinas and director Adam Faucher.  



Honoring the memory of Robert-Claude Bérubé, the award, given by a three-person jury, is based on the artistic quality and ethical values of the 16 feature films in the program. This year, the Médiafilm jury is composed of director Béatriz Mediavilla, videographer Maxime Périgny and director Kim St-Pierre.  


La Watch is the pro section of the Festival. It focuses on the creation and sharing of this passion for creating cinematographic productions. The activity is by invitation only and takes place two days before the beginning of the festivities. La Watch contributes to career development, artistic improvement and professionalization during these days of training, activities, and networking as well as contact network development. This exchange between emerging and established filmmakers is an opportunity to learn about the industry, but also to strengthen and develop practices in their respective areas.  

We will have the great pleasure of welcoming several luminaries this year that include Danny Lennon, Stéphane Lafleur, Rafael Ouellet, Edouard Tremblay, Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, Jean-François Asselin, Dominique Dufour, Samuel Pagé, Guillaume Lambert and Félix Brouillet Desrosiers. Such an activity would not be possible without the generous contribution of SODEC, the Bell Fund, the Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue and the Fonds indépendant de production.  


Since one shouldn’t change a winning formula, it is with great pleasure that we are once again partnering with the Department of Creation and New Media of the Université́ du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue, in order to develop a cooperative, ambitious, and resolutely innovative digital project.  

This year, three teams of students had 72 hours to imagine, create and propose a digital installation on the theme: Cinema through the senses. The objective was to question what cinema can be outside of a traditional screening room.  

The winning team will see their production, titled Ciné Ô terrier, exhibited for the duration of the Festival, as well as the following week, at Ô Terrier, Rouyn-Noranda’s ceramic café́ which aims tò bring the arts into dialogue with the members of the communitý. On the program: mapping, and a virtual reality headset video game will allow festivalgoers to immerse themselves in the spirit of the festival by revisiting previous editions. This is the perfect opportunity to fill up on intellectual vitalitý between two screenings at the Théâtre du cuivre.  



Martin Guérin, our faithful collaborator, offers a series of friendly interviews with distinguished guests again this year. During the Festival, visit the Fabrique culturelle’s Facebook page to attend meetings between Martin and artists with very diverse profiles.  

Following the great success of the last edition, the Festival will once again host numerous podcasts: the regional podcast Brasserie nostalgie, Le balado de Fred Savard podcast, Guy A St-Cyr’s On jase de films, as well as Box Sophisme, hosted by comedians from the group Les pic-bois, Dom Massi and Julien Bernatchez.  

Tune in to our Facebook page to listen to podcasters from here and abroad talk with a wide range of guests!  


Nous remercions le Conseil des arts du Canada de son soutien.



After a long two-year absence, we are pleased to announce the return of On va aux vues, which presents a selection of short films directly in Rouyn-Noranda and Val-d’Or seniors residences. This year, residents will be able to see Imelda 3: Simone by Martin Villeneuve, starring Ginette Reno and Martin Villeneuve, Suzanne et Chantal by Rachel Gratton, starring Anne-Marie Cadieux and Béatrice Picard, and Le Médiateur, by Philippe Besner, starring Louka Amadeo Bélanger-Leos, Pierre Curzi and Andrée-Anne Lacasse 



A big drawing contest is also organized for the children of the Centre de services scolaires de Rouyn-Noranda. This year, we invite all students to draw their favourite movies or characters! Many prizes will be given to children. The artwork will be exhibited at the Promenade du cuivre in Rouyn-Noranda, so please come and admire these magnificent creations!  


Guy and Claude Fournier represent over 100 years of television and film creations! This is an excellent opportunity to retrace the careers of these iconic figures, as well as to discuss the evolution and transformation of television and film from the 1960s to today with them. With impressive track records (Deux femmes en or, Peau de banane, Jamais deux sans toi, etc.), these jack-of-all-trades (animation, writing, directing, etc.) will share their experience and interesting anecdotes!   

The event will be held at the Rouyn-Noranda Convention Centre on Sunday, October 30 at 11:00 a.m. and will be hosted by our loyal collaborator, filmmaker Martin Guérin.  

Nous remercions le Conseil des arts du Canada de son soutien.



For the third consecutive year, the audience vote for the Hydro-Québec Audience Award, awarded to one of the 16 feature films in our program, and the TVA Abitibi-Témiscamingue Animated Award, awarded to one of the 19 animated films, will take place online. A simple, efficient, and more ecological alternative!  

It will be possible to vote during the entire week of the Festival. Please note that it will be essential to keep each of your tickets. In fact, to vote for a section, you will need the serial number of the ticket of this section. Each serial number will be your unique identifier that will allow you to vote for the films in the corresponding section.  

If you don’t have a smartphone or computer at home, or are experiencing technical difficulties, volunteers will be on hand to assist you. From Sunday, October 30 through Thursday, November 3, they will be at your service at computer terminals in Théâtre du cuivre. 

In addition to helping decide the winner of the Hydro-Québec Award, you will have a chance to win prizes by filling out your ballot: courtesy of Hydro-Québec! To participate, all you have to do is enter your contact information when you vote. We will draw two pairs of tickets for the 2023 opening night, two pairs of tickets for the 2023 closing night, as well as two gift cards at the Festival boutique, valued at $120 each.  



The complete program and ticketing information is available at All individual tickets will go on sale on October 13. Passports, tickets for the brunch-conference and Espace court are already on sale on our website. 

The poster inspired by Nicolas Party’s work Face to Face is already displayed in multiple copies in Montreal, the Laurentians, and Quebec City. The exhibition at the Musée des Beaux-arts ends on October 16.  


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