29 October - 13:00 - Théâtre du cuivre

Au lieu de prendre mon char

Jean-François Perron

Canada/Quebec | V.O. French | 2022 | 43 min | DCP | color | Documentary | World Premiere

The Quebec territory is gigantic. So big that we forget to put the distances that separate us and the divergent realities of its many regions in perspective. To reconnect with this territory, Guillaume Rivest, adventurer, and radio columnist, decided to cross the 680 km separating his native Abitibi from Montreal by Nordic ski to deliver his column live from the Radio-Canada headquarters.

Director Jean-François Perron
Cinematographer François Bédard, Mavric Floquet, Vincent L'Heureux, Jean-François Perron, Guillaume Rivest
Screenplay Jean-François Perron
Cast Guillaume Rivest
Participation François Bédard, Julie-Andrée Girard, Gilles Whear, Jerry Whear
Production Productions 3Tiers