See You Garbage!

Romain Dumont

Canada | V.O. French | 2021 | 17 min | DCP | color | Fiction

For Christmas, three garbage collectors, Elie, Nino and Belz, are surprised to be invited to dinner at the home of the Prime Minister and the First Lady. They arrive, enthusiastic and candid, without suspecting that, on the menu, is a painful series of manipulations and deceptions. Au plaisir les ordures is a dramatic comedy with the feel of a revolutionary tale, which seeks to expose the interaction between the well-veiled despise of the political class and a sudden awareness of its people.

Director Romain Dumont
Music Blaise Émard, Ilyaa Ghafouri
Cinematographer Antoine Ryan
Screenplay Romain Dumont
Cast Caroline Dhavernas, Steve Laplante, Guillaume Laurin, Hamza Meziani, Ralph Prosper, Hamidou Savadogo
Artistic director Catherine K. Pelletier
Production Club Vidéo Inc.
Distribution H264


Romain Dumont

Romain Dumont first made his mark with documentaries, short films and with Séquences and 24Images, magazines in which he wrote columns. In 2019, he wrote the web series La loi c'est la loi with Émile Schneider and Hugolin Chevrette, and got into directing with Quand elle tombe, a short film with his childhood idol, Dino Tavarone. A year later, he made Au plaisir les ordures, starring Caroline Dhavernas, Guillaume Laurin and Hamza Meziani. In addition to being in pre-production of two short films, he is currently working on the script for two feature film projects.