26 October - 19:00 -

AUTRE CHOSE (Something Else)

Étienne Lacelle

Quebec | V.O. - Without dialogue | 2023 | 26 min | DCP | colour and B & W | Fiction

Crippled by the motorcycle accident that took away his lover, a broken young man decides to rebuild the machine that caused him so much pain. On a last ride deep into the Canadian wilderness, an unexpected encounter pushes him to confront both his personal and cultural past. Autre chose (Something Else) is a meditation on a place through a man and the means he will take to confront the weight of his history, alone, in the silence of a territory scarred in his image.

Director Étienne Lacelle
Music Racine
Cinematographer Peter Hošták
Screenplay Etienne Lacelle
Cast Vincent Carbonneau
Production N/A
Distribution Les Films du 3Mars