Nayan Ducruet, Rachel Michetti

Quebec | V.O. French | 2014 | 21 min | color | Fiction | Quebec Premiere

Amidst her turmoil, Olivia is a witty young woman encombered with a heavy past and a tortured heart. She finds Jerry and his laundromat, a seemingly safe haven for her to stay free of charge. She soon realizes, however, that even selfless charity seldom comes without a price and that Jerry might not be the ally she thought he was. In a constant struggle with her inner self, Olivia never looses sight of the faint glimmer of hope that flickers ever so slightly in the stagnant chaos that is her life. Out of the mist she meets Felix, a sensitive and indulgent man. In time, he is able to brave the storm that is Olivia and helps her find her long lost sense of self worth, something she had secretly always desired.

Director Nayan Ducruet, Rachel Michetti