The Tadpoles' Trilogy

Leonard Giovenazzo

Canada/Quebec | V.O. French | 2022 | 21 min | DCP | color | Fiction | World Premiere

For a while now, Alain has been locking himself in the family basement where he conducts unclear experiences on amphibiens. Louise, in response to her husband's behaviour, embarks on a quest for new sensations, and finds herself a lover. Pierre-Louis, their 20 year old son, is dealing with consumption problems and a very singular existential crisis. In result to Alain's absence, the relationship between Louise and Pierre-Louis solidifies in quite an unusual way.

Director Leonard Giovenazzo
Cinematographer William Albu
Cast Eric Cabana, Ginette Chevallier, Félix Paquette
Artistic director Kayla Fragman
Production Les Rapailleurs