31 October - 13:00 - Théâtre du cuivre

Stormy weather

Gabrielle Gingras

Canada | V.O. French | 2023 | 11 min | DCP | color | Fiction | World Premiere

Gabrielle, an imaginative but timid child, spends the summer at the cottage with her family. While her brother and sisters enjoy the last swims of the summer, the youngest closes herself indoors, accompanied by her dog and her many toys, too afraid of the sun and thunderstorms. In spite of herself, Gabrielle finds herself exposed to the elements. Under the watchful eye of her family, the young child gradually finds the courage to face her fears.

Director Gabrielle Gingras
Music Paul Bergeron
Cinematographer Myriam Payette
Screenplay Gabrielle Gingras
Cast Romain Gélinas, Mélanie Nadeau, Nora-Lee Roy
Artistic director Émilie Beaumier
Production Aucune - auto-produit