2 November - 18:30 - Théâtre du cuivre

Nun or Never!

Heta Finland

Finland | V.O. - Without dialogue | 2023 | 11 min | DCP | color | Animation

The nuns are living melted together in happy harmony. When one nun finds a man in the garden, the harmony breaks and she loses the rhythm with others. When her dreams do not come true, she finds out that everyone in the community has their own hidden universe.

Director Heta Finland
Animation Sanni Lahtinen, Roope Heimonen
Music Jukka Herva
Editing Heta Jäälinoja
Sound mixing Jani Lehto
Sound designer Jani Lehto
Cinematographer Heta Jäälinoja
Screenplay Heta Jäälinoja
Distribution Miyu Distribution


Heta Finland

is an internationally acclaimed young animation director. Her films combine vivid drawings with rich imagination, identifiable everyday comic themes and minimal yet powerful storytelling. Her previous animation Penelope (Estonian Arts Academy, 2016) has been shown at more than 100 festivals and has won more than 12 awards, for example National Grand Prix 2017 at Tampere Film Festival and Best New Nordic Voice 2017 at Nordisk Panorama.