28 October - 12:00 - Théâtre du cuivre


Pier-Philippe Chevigny

Canada | V.O. French | ST French | 2023 | 89 min | DCP | color | Fiction

Trying to get her life back on track after a breakup, Ariane (Ariane Castellanos) moves back to her hometown by the Richelieu river in southern Quebec. To save her sinking finances, she takes a job at the local food transformation plant as a French-to-Spanish interpreter for the seasonal migrant workers employed there. She befriends Manuel, an illiterate, naive young man who has left his small children behind in Guatemala to earn as much as he can in Canada. Although she is supposed to remain impartial, when she repeatedly witnesses the migrant workers’ mistreatment, she cannot remain silent. She may possibly be the only person who sees them as more than wage laborers – for they are above all human beings.

Director Pier-Philippe Chevigny
Music Félicia Atkinson
Cinematographer Gabriel Brault Tardif
Screenplay Pier-Philippe Chevigny
Cast Ariane Castellanos, Marc-André Grondin, Luis Oliva, Nelson Coronado
Artistic director Yola Van Leeuwenkamp
Production Le Foyer Films
Distribution Funfilm


Pier-Philippe Chevigny

Pier-Philippe Chevigny is a filmmaker from Montreal, Quebec. His films explore social justice issues with suspenseful storytelling and anxiety-inducing camerawork. In 2019, his short film Rebel made a big impression : over 150 festivals (TIFF, Busan, Seattle, Hollyshorts, etc.) 35 awards (notably the Oscar-qualifier at Tirana) and worldwide sales (including HBO and ARTE). His debut feature Richelieu had its world premiere at Tribeca, quickly followed by European and National Premieres in Karlovy Vary and Fantasia respectively. He is currently working on a follow-up feature.