29 October - 17:00 - Théâtre du cuivre


Rachel Graton

Canada/Quebec | V.O. French | 2021 | 18 min | DCP | color | Fiction

Chantal (60 years old) picks up Suzanne (92 years old) to go to the hair salon where she works. Once there, Chantal is intercepted by her boss who asks her to give him what she owes him. But this week, she has no money for him... This week, she has a surprise for him.

Director Rachel Graton
Music Philippe Brault
Cinematographer François Messier-Rheault
Screenplay Rachel Graton
Cast Anne-Marie Cadieux, Jean-François Casabonne, Johanne Garneau, Béatrice Picard
Production Christal Films, PANACHE FILMS
Distribution Les Films Opale