Come to my voice

Huseyin Karabey

Turkey/France/Germany | V.O. Turkish | ST French | 2014 | 90 min | DCP | color | Fiction

In a snowy Kurdish mountain village, in the east of Turkey, an old woman Berfé and her granddaughter Jiyan are distressed. The only man in the household, Temo, the son of one and the father of the other, was arrested by the Turkish military. The commanding officer has been told that the villagers are hiding weapons, so he arrested all the men and announced that they will be kept in prison until their families hand over the weapons. The problem is that there are no weapons in the village.
Desperate, Berfé and Jiyan embark on a long journey, in search of a gun which they could exchange for their beloved Temo. Will the old woman and her innocent granddaughter find a way out of the inextricable Kurdish identity conflict?

Director Huseyin Karabey
Music Serhat Bostanci, Ali Tekbas, A.Imran Erin
Cinematographer Anne Misselwitz
Screenplay Huseyin Karabey, Abidin Parilti
Cast Feride GEZER, Melek ÜLGER, Tuncay AKDEMIR, Muhsin Tokçu, Ali Tekbas
Production ASI FILMS