Behind Me

Rafaël Ouellet

Canada | V.O. French | 2008 | 98 min | 35 mm | color | Fiction

Beautifully performed and exquisitely photographed, the atmospheric Derrière moi is a sinister study of escape and betrayal. Betty, a mysterious young girl, arrives in a small town in Quebec and strikes up a friendship with lonely and naive 14-year-old Lea.

Director Rafaël Ouellet
Camera Pascal L'Heureux
Music Gilles-Vincent Martel
Screenplay Rafaël Ouellet
Cast Carina Caputo, Charlotte Legault, Patrice Dubois, Éliane Gagnon
Distribution FILMS SÉVILLE


Rafaël Ouellet

Rafaël Ouellet was born in Matagami, Quebec, and studied at CÉGEP de Jonquière. He has directed numerous concert films, videos and television projects. He edited Denis Côté's feature Les États nordiques (05) and shot Côté's Nos vies privées (07), both of which screened at the Festival. He made his feature directing debut with Le Cèdre penché (07), which screened at last year's Festival. Derrière moi (08) is his second feature.