Simon C. Vaillancourt

Canada | V.O. French/English | 2021 | 52 min | DCP | color | Documentary | World Premiere

During their teenage years, a few unlucky teens are struck by cancer. This is a period of great anguish and loneliness. However, as they emerge from their treatments, an opportunity arises that seemed unattainable until then: they can participate in expeditions in the company of other young cancer patients.
By following them in their daily lives and in these adventures in nature, André Robitaille shares the experiences of these young people who are trying to break out of their solitude and regain hope in the future that they had before the disease hit them head-on.

Director Simon C. Vaillancourt
Cinematographer Simon C. Vaillancourt
Screenplay Louise Girard
Participation André Robitaille
Production Productions Nova Media