Mélissa Major

Canada | V.O. French | 2019 | 69 min | DCP | color | Documentary | World Premiere

This documentary paints the portrait of Ian Clermont and his team members who train all year long to participate in an endurance race challenge. They run 105 kilometres in one day. A human look at the paradoxes when it comes to surpassing oneself and self-sacrifice.

Director Mélissa Major
Music Etienne Lessard
Cinematographer Dominic Leclerc
Screenplay Mélissa Major
Participation Ian Clermont, Jay Madore, Christian Villeneuve
Production Major Productions


Mélissa Major

Melissa Major is the producer, director and founder of Major Productions and produces works with social significance. She holds a bachelor's degree in communications, film profile, from the Université du Québec À Montréal and has been working as a freelance producer since 2002; she has recently produced the documentary Habiter le mouvement- un récit en 10 chapitres (2019). From 2012 to 2016, she worked on multiple projects in advertising, corporate, documentary and music video as production director at Productions Balbuzard.