Les Adoptés

Mélanie Laurent

France | V.O. French | 2011 | 100 min | DCP | color | Fiction | Canadian Premiere

Vivacious and alluring, Lisa and her adoptive sister Marine have been inseparable since they were ten years old. With Lisa's mother Millie, the have forged a deep bond that protects them from life's hardships. Together, the three women offer Lisa's young son, leo, the security and affection that allow him to blossom.

When one of them falls in love, however, the quirky family's balance is thrown off. Before they figure out how start listening to each other, fate takes a tragic turn, and the family must figure out how to come together to turn loss into hope and love.

Director Mélanie Laurent
Music Jonathan Morali
Cinematographer Arnaud Potier
Screenplay Christophe Deslandes, Mélanie Laurent, Morgan Perez
Cast Mélanie Laurent, Denis Ménochet, Marie Denardaud, Clémentine Célarié, Audrey Lamy
Production Move Movie