Claude Gagnon

Canada | V.O. French | 2020 | 109 min | color | Fiction | World Premiere

Pierrot returns to St-Hyacinthe, his hometown, to meet again with the people and to the places he loves, even when he lived far away. He comes to close the books and loop the loop. Serene, Pierrot isn’t scared of this early death coming his way. He asks for his childhood friend’s help, Jacques, to end his days the way he wants. This peculiar approach will lead the two friends to peaceful tranquillity.

Director Claude Gagnon
Music Daniel Toussaint
Cinematographer Michel St-Martin
Screenplay Claude Gagnon
Cast Patrick Labbé, Paul Doucet, Luka Limoges, Marie-Pier Labrecque, Stéphan Côté Côté
Production OBJECTIF 9
Distribution MAISON 4:3


Claude Gagnon

Claude Gagnon is a director, screenwriter and producer born in the province of Quebec. In 1979, he wrote and signed his first feature film, Keiko, and a second in 1982, Larose, Pierrot et la Luce. Visage pâle (1985) got the prize for Best Canadian Film at the Festival des films du monde de Montréal. Claude Gagnon is also known for directing and screenwriting of feature films Kenny (1987), winner of Grand prix des Amériques, Kamataki (2005), rewarded many times at the Festival des films du monde and victor of a special mention at la Berlinale and Karakara (2012).