28 October - 19:00 - Petit Théâtre du Vieux Noranda

Louis I. King of the Sheep

Markus Wulf

Germany | V.O. French | ST English | 2022 | 9 min | DCP | color | Animation | Canadian Premiere

One windy day, Louis the sheep finds a paper crown and thereby becomes Louis I. King of the Sheep. He addresses his people, tames nature, initiates festivities, separates the sheep by color and decides who gets to do what. Things go their royal ways. At least until the next gust of wind.

Director Markus Wulf
Music Kaspian Shines
Cinematographer Taylor Stanton
Screenplay Maggie Briggs, Markus Wulf
Cast Isabella Rossellini, Mark Waschke
Production Autumn Song Production, Hübner wallenfels, Irrelevant Media
Distribution Kurzfilm Sales Hamburg