29 October - 18:30 - Théâtre du cuivre

Pareils à des oies blanches

Robert Cornellier

Canada | V.O. French | 2023 | 4 min | DCP | color | Experimental | World Premiere

S’inspirant de la migration des oies blanches, le poète Jean Désy a écrit ce poème qui rend hommage aux enfants migrants.

Director Robert Cornellier
Production Robert Cornellier
Distribution Robert Cornellier


Robert Cornellier

Robert Cornellier is from Montreal, shot his debut films in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, among them La Fuite in 1985. In the 80s, he was an executive producer for Radio-Québec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. From 1986 to 1995, he was a producer with the public affairs program Nord-Sud. He produced over a hundred reports and documentaries in some forty countries. In 1995, with two colleagues, he set up the production company Macumba International. He produced and directed some fifteen documentaries, including two feature-length films: Le tour des rêves and Marée noire: l'héritage de l'Exxon Valdez. Since 2013, as an independent filmmaker, he has directed a dozen documentaries, including Martin et les dragons. He is currently completing the editing of a documentary he is co-directing on a theatrical experience with St-Jérome students: Histoires à venir, and shooting a poetry documentary with poet Jean Désy: Paroles nordiques. Robert Cornellier and his films have received numerous awards in Quebec and internationally, including the Gemini Award for Best Documentary Direction in Canada in 2009 for Black Wave (Marée noire).