1 November - 13:30 - Théâtre du cuivre

Rouyn Noranda

Jil Guyon

Canada/Quebec | V.O. - Without dialogue | 2022 | 4 min | color | Experimental

Titled after the town in which it was shot, Rouyn Noranda features a nameless woman drifting through a bleak, industrial wasteland. The desolation of her interior world is both reflected in, and witnessed by, the environmental terrain she is compelled to traverse. Eschewing traditional narrative progression, the film follows the protagonist’s actions through a series of languorous panoramas, fixed shots and close-ups—evoking a landscape equally beautiful and terrifying, yet possessing a haunting allure.

Director Jil Guyon
Music Chris Becker
Cinematographer Beatriz Mediavilla
Cast Jil Guyon
Artistic director Jil Guyon
Production N/A