Three Pages

Roger Gariépy

Canada | V.O. French | ST English | 2018 | 15 min | DCP | colour and B & W | Fiction

An unassuming middle-aged accountant learns he has only weeks to live. Rather than tell everyone, Martin determines to learn the three pages of a Bach adagio for piano he’d abandoned as a child. That accomplished, he performs the piece for his wife and friends, completing his life and thanking those who brightened it along the way.

Director Roger Gariépy
Cinematographer André Turpin
Screenplay Roger Gariépy, André Paradis
Participation Jean-François Beaupré, Marie-Ève Bertrand, Martin Drainville, Luc Guérin, Claire Jacques, Isabelle Vincent
Artistic director Jean-Marc Renaud
Production Les enfants
Distribution H264 Distribution