Une Nouvelle Vie !

Fred Joyeux

France | V.O. French | ST English | 2009 | 4 min | Animation | North America Premiere

Stricken by an attack of migraines, a man discovers
sensational sensations! Here is a new life opening for him!

Director Fred Joyeux
Animation Fred Joyeux
Music Jérémie Morizeau
Editing Hugo Béron
Sound designer Jérémie Morizeau
Screenplay Fred Joyeux
Producer Fred Joyeux
Cast Fred Joyeux
Graphic creation Fred Joyeux
Production Atelier des images
Distribution Atelier des images


Fred Joyeux

Fred Joyeux lives and works in Nantes (France). Cartoon filmaker, producer and graphic designer, he manages , with his wife Dominique, the production and creation film company L’ATELIER DES IMAGES and the graphic studio LE KWALÉ. His first movies, creation documentaries, date back to the years 2000. Since 2006 Fred Joyeux works on animation cinema and hybrid video mixing real and animated pictures.