WILDLAND – Kød og Blod

Jeanette Nordahl

Denmark | V.O. Danish | ST French | 2020 | 82 min | color | Fiction

Ida is 17 years old when her mother accidentally dies, she is placed by social services to go live with her aunt. Since her mother didn’t speak with her sister, Ida discovers a fusional family, filled with affection. She also discovers that her cousins run a violent criminal organization, all led by their mother. As she tries to find her own place, love and violence become impossible to part. Little by little, she gains consciousness of what her mother tried to escape...

Director Jeanette Nordahl
Music Puce Mary aka Frederikke Hoffmeier
Cinematographer David Gallego
Screenplay Ingeborg Topsøe
Cast Joachim Fjeldstrup, Elliott Grosset Hove, Sandra Kampp, Sidse Babette Knudsen, Besir Zeciri
Production SNOWGLOBE
Distribution BAC FILMS


Jeanette Nordahl

Jeanette Nordahl graduated from the independent film school, Super16, in 2012 and her thesis film “Waiting for Phil” was nominated for a Danish Academy Award for Best Short film in 2013. While studying she worked as a second unit director and assistant director on acclaimed Danish films such as “The Keeper of Lost Causes” (2013), “The Absent One” (2014) and the multiple award-winning TV series “Borgen” (2010). Her debut short film “Nylon” premiered as a Nordic Short Film Favourite, at Göteborg International Film Festival in 2016. “Wildland” is Jeanette’s feature debut.