29 October - 18:30 - Théâtre du cuivre

NINawit in Paris

Caroline Lemire, Minwashin Organisme

France/Canada | V.O. French/Algonquienne | ST French | 2022 | 8 min | DCP | color | Documentary

To mark the launch of the International Decade of the World's Indigenous Languages (2022-2032), an Anicinabe delegation had the opportunity to present its NIN exhibition at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. This important occasion enabled them to make their language, Anicinabemowin, resonate, and to assert their culture beyond their community, beyond borders. Like this documentary, this nomadic exhibition is a tribute to their mother tongue and a means of stimulating pride in identity, as well as reflection on the challenge of revitalizing it.

Director Caroline Lemire, Minwashin Organisme
Production Minwashin
Distribution Minwashin


Caroline Lemire

Caroline Lemire has been working to reclaim and promote Anicinabe culture and language on her territory, and to bring together non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal cultures, for over a decade. Her dynamism and her ability to bring people together around a common goal are at the origin of the Cercle culturel anicinabe and the creation of the Minwashin organization, of which she is Director General. She is also well versed in the realities of each artistic field, from creation to dissemination. It's thanks to her inexhaustible motivation and her pleasure in dreaming that NIN was able to see the light of day, despite the pandemic which weighed heavily on the creation and production process, and that the exhibition was able to cross the ocean to Paris, accompanied by an Anicinabe delegation.


Minwashin Organisme

The creation of Minwashin was inspired by recommendations made in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report, in particular the one calling on the Canadian government to "support the establishment of relationships [...] based on the principles of mutual recognition, mutual respect and shared responsibility, in such a way that they are sustainable, or the renewal of such relationships already established". Together, we asked ourselves what approach to take, and one thought stood out: To ugliness, we will oppose beauty. To darkness, light. To shame, pride. To oblivion and rejection, the fertility of our hands and minds. The Anicinabe nation would be reborn through art. Since its official creation in 2017, several projects have been carried out, bringing recognition and credibility to the various players linked to the arts, language and culture of the Anicinabe territory. The success of these projects has already provided great opportunities for outreach, visibility and the development of several partnerships on a regional, national and international level.