Robin Aubert

Canada | V.O. French | 2016 | 93 min | DCP | color | Fiction | World Premiere

The Liberal government sent a cameraman to a Nunavik village to shoot footage. By befriending an Inuit family, this man immerses himself in the local traditions. Meanwhile, he learns that the village and its inhabitants will be deported to make room for a mining operation. Facing conflict with his employer and his ex-girlfriend, this cameraman must re-examine his own ideals and the true reason he came to the village.

The second in a series of five films shot on five continents, this docudrama takes the shape of a political and poetic pamphlet. While the first film, À quelle heure le train pour nulle part (2009), represents Asia, Tuktuq (caribou) represents America. GPHQ

Director Robin Aubert
Music René Lussier, Pilou
Cinematographer Robin Aubert
Screenplay Robin Aubert
Cast Robin Aubert, Jessica Arngak, Timothy Etidloie, Minnie Arngak, Peter Arngak, Brigitte Poupart, Robert Morin
Production LYNX FILMS


Robin Aubert

Robin Aubert has written and directed several short films that have won awards in many international film festivals. His award-winning first feature-length film, Saints-Martyrs-des Damnés (2005), was internationally recognized and, in 2009, he received the Gilles-Carle Award for his film, À quelle heure le train pour nulle part. In 2013, his interactive web series Disparues, won several awards. Tuktuq is his fourth feature-length film.