Un capitalisme sentimental

Olivier Asselin

Canada | V.O. French | 2008 | 90 min | 35 mm | B & W | Fiction

A film decribed as a tragic-comedy which establishes a parallel between the logic of economic capitalisme on one side, and love and art on the other. The film is presented as the romantic autobiography of Fernande Bouvier, a French woman without any oustanding qualities who narrates her life experiences at the beginning of the twentieth century. Fernande dreams of art and love, but she is soon disillusioned when a stupid bet leads her from the bohemian lifestyle of avant-garde artists to the financial and entertainement worlds, from a servant's room under the parisian sky to the heart of the New York Stock Exchange -- one day in October 1929. The rest is history.

Director Olivier Asselin
Camera Jean-François Lord
Music Gaëtan Gravel
Screenplay Olivier Asselin, Lucille Fluet
Cast Lucille Fluet, Alex Bisping, Paul Ahmarani, Sylvie Moreau, Harry Standjofski, Frank Fontaine, Anne Létourneau